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"Christy Funk is a powerhouse of a woman! She has an incredible work ethic and everything she does is authentic and comes from a place of love and pure heart. With her online Radical Self-Love workshops she has helped women to really look within, do some serious heart work and reconnect to themselves so that they are learning to truly love the person that they are. In a world filled with messages of shaming, blaming and tearing one another down to get further in life, Christy reminds us to bring back passion and compassion into our own lives, the way she brings that into her work. Through her Chakiras jewelry, she helps women find beautiful pieces to wear in a personalized way. Each jewelry piece has meaning and intention, so the right piece is found for each individual. Now, with Beauty Counter, her vlogs and outreach on Facebook, Christy is helping everyone learn to transcend stereotypical beauty and realize that it is important to take care of oneself inside and out. Christy is reaching people on personal levels, helping men and women through her monthly talks on specific emotions and how those emotions affect a person mind, body and soul. It has been such a pleasure to know Christy Funk and I look forward to further classes, workshops and teachings."

Bridget DiLuzio

"From her beautiful Chakira's jewelry to helping you get your groove back, Christy is a go-to for all things beauty and woman empowering. She is a guide for women in emotional, physical and spiritual empowerment. You can be assured that whatever resource she's providing, it will be done with love, confidence and insight."

Rachel Myers

"Christy where do I start? I seriously adore you, have so much respect for you as a mom, entrepreneur, friend and soul sister. You always say exactly what I need to hear and I'm so thankful to have found you on FB. Through the years you've helped me find my inner strength and voice since you have made things that most people don't talk about so relatable!! Not only are you a fierce woman your are such a tender soul and your creativity is beyond measure. I feel so amazing wearing your jewels made with the utmost love and thought out creativity and smile knowing I will get heads turning and compliments on them all day:)) Love you so much your are the epitome of beauty, friendship and LOVE!!!"

Rexine Villegas

“What can I say? Christy has been an inspiration for years now. We originally met in 2012 for a sacred pregnancy retreat, and she was still reeling from a heartbreaking relationship. Healing happened. But, that was just the beginning.... Today she is my mentor, looks younger than she did then, *gasp*, and is an inspiration for living and breathing on a higher and richer vibration. I know we will be continuing to do great things for the women, the men!, and the children through @beautycounter and beyond! This company has made me realize these products need to be shared with everyone I come into contact with! A transparent company with safer, and effective cosmetics and skincare. Self care. Self love!” Xx

Melissa Jane Thompson

Christy you are a unique yet powerful woman who wants to inspire and help women make healthy choices for themselves. I stumbled upon you via FB and I have nothing but mad respect for all of your knowledge, compassion and openness. You educate in a way that empowers people to get excited about life and follow their hearts and be who they are meant to be. Your raw emotions and vlogs are refreshing, humorous, sometimes emotional but real. It is refreshing to experience in a world that has become so uptight and closed off. You help us all open our petals and bloom!”

Dawn Laveck-Palfi

“How you make me believe all things can and will happen..!!

I am in Awe of You and you Inspire me everyday. I really needed you to hear this coming from me. I believe you have been truly been blessed with this beautiful gift. This is your purpose. You see the beauty in everything and everyone.
Have you have you have ever considered running for office?
You'd have my vote. I can't believe how lucky and blessed I am to know you and I can call you my friend!
So proud of your strength and faith and you never gave up!
I hope you remember me when you are An American icon!
You have all my Love and undying Respect and support!”

Jami Dixon

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