The Difference Between Self-Pampering and Self-Care as a Way of Life

Within the last several years we have seen more and more people talk about self-care and self-love. As someone who has paved her own path to deep and meaningful self-care, I've noticed some things in this movement that may be confusing women.

Pampering provides pleasure and temporary relief from the stress and chaos of life or as a way to soothe a set back within our inner personal lives. Perhaps we've been working overtime or the just-fresh-break-up requires space to pamper ourselves with spa time, girls night out and so on. Pampering gives us time to slow down. It is wonderful, sometimes euphoric, and usually feels good to many of our 5 senses. Pampering is delightful in the moment and space. It is what happens after the pamper session which shows us whether the soothing is just pleasure or honest self-care.

On my own journey to Self-Love, I had to step back and reclaim a Self-Care practice which would sustain me for longer periods than just the occasional getaway, Korean Day Spa or beauty pampering. I knew that my survival depended on creating a Self-Care protocol which would carry me through life's ups and downs and bring me back to center should I topple over momentarily. I practiced and tried all different ways to care for myself from nutrition, meditation/mindfulness, exercise, beauty rituals and so on. What I discovered was a new way of living in my life which was never segregated from my own personal Self-Care. It became unified and at the same time it was nudging me on my way to Self-Discovery and evolution. 6 years ago I thought I needed Self-Love because I didn't know what that was. 6 Years later I realize that it was Self-Care that inspired a Self-Love I never knew possible.

Self-Care as a way of life is a pathway into Self-Discovery. It is everything. It is participating in your holistic life from body, mind, soul and heart. It truly is the WHOLENESS of you that you get to create. Your choices and decisions sprout from the intention of how you want to live your life authentically and honestly. Your Self-Care is a reflection of who you are and your ability to be true to how you care for yourself from the ground up. It is a profound and life-changing action when you understand the impact this can have on your life going forward. When you have the tools in life to self-soothe, self-care and self-heal most areas of your life, confidence and empowerment flood in. Whereas Self-Pampering can give you an instantaneous boost in joy, Self-Care is the driving force for your life. It is embodied nurturing. Self-Care frees you of relying on any one or thing to bring you back to your own inner balance. Sovereignty comes to mind. Liberation is the fruit of this labor.

Perhaps education in holistic wellness practices needs to trump the addiction we have to instantaneous elixirs to our maladies. The glossy focus on beauty, sex-appeal and foxiness could be put in it's place of expression once we care for ourselves from the core of who we are. Perhaps we stop the illusions that quick-fixes are not the means to the end and accept them as joyful pleasures to pepper our lives with. If the conversations moved towards a dialogue where we can see health, nutrition, spiritual, relational and beauty practices as sacred bodies of work to embark on with patience, grace and curiosity, we could develop Self-Care as a way of living in holy union with our Feminine Essence. Divinity becomes the path in which we care for the temple and vessel, thus housing a purified and luminous soul.

I invite you to look at your own Self-Care practices and sense where in your body you can tune in to it as pampering or honest Self-Care. Sense how you feel when the session is done and what you most long for in life going forward. There is a difference between inner harmony from honest Self-Care and euphoric pleasure from a pamper session. What we don't realize is that the let-down after the pleasure has gone we are, indeed, left with our self. This self wants more than the surge in pleasure. The self wants to be unveiled and nourished from the essence of its' life force.

My body of work stems from this very aspect. This is why and how I created my signature program, Hot & Holistic: The e-Course. I understand the value of ushering women in to this journey with the education and tools they need to create their own Self-Care protocol. Not for just one night or a weekend away. This is for life. From here on out.

In love,

Christy Funk

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