Pave your Way

Pave your own way.
Carve your own path...

On the journey into our own awakening and becoming we take many roads, travel many highways to get to who we are. The discovery of our own rich essence is the treasure box we are searching for unbeknownst to us.

We search for answers in others. Reach for the latest in higher knowledge, much more knowingness than we believe we have. The quest is filled with the grasping outside of ourselves for the magic ticket. That golden one that spreads it out evenly and smoothly to make sense of us. As whole. As complete.

It's not that way.
The roads are bumpy.
They twist and turn our insides about.
They just don't go straight.
Nothing on this path does.

And that's why it's exhilarating. That's why each one of us has a path so divinely orchestrated for us that to think it's all the same path is sheer hysteria. Absolute nonsense packaged as the one and only way to become you, the one and only caricature to fit the mold of what everyone wants. Yeah right...

We pave our own way along this Divine gift of a journey. We tear it up in holy glory and rip it to shreds like our last pathetic lover. We lay beauty along the path and find delight in the existence of possibilities and magical stardust. We triumph and we fall. And willingly do it all over again.

They will tell us well... You keep changing your mind. You keep going for the latest new thing. You're not consistent. What on earth is that supposed to mean you grumble inside. What they want is predictability. What you want is truth seeking.

On this path you will change your mind often. You will find gold in one answer and use it for your next question. You will have found the meaning of all life in one showcase of living only to realize the next showing brings you more wisdom. Your curiosity to seek more ripens your ability to become the alchemist in your becoming. Pockets filled with scribbled notes of the latest and greatest only to thrown in a bonfire when you discover your own knowingness. Your own truth to match that of your highest becoming.

And that makes people flame in their own bodies.
It makes them uncomfortable.
It secretly and not so secretly pisses them off.

You've paved your own way. Laid the cement and dirt filled roads with each step into discovering the darkness and rainbowed light of your own existence. You went against what they said not as rebellious so much as your internal compass screaming listen to me! I have all the answers!

And you do.
And you will learn from others.
You will be touched by teachers and mentors.
You will be moved by life and honor those who inspired your light. 
Your highest.

They don't own your becoming. They don't claim your victory.

You do.
On your path.

The one you paved...
Your way.

In love,


Christy FunkComment