In Gratitude for all things Dark and Scary

It's an ongoing practice. Or at least it should be. Like second nature kind of things. Brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, grabbing the keys to drive to work.

Gratitude. We do this when we are thankful for what we get. Something sparkly, shiny, yummy. For bringing forth the new job, the beau and the bouncy new hair cut. For saving us from dying or when a baby is born into the family. For the time we won a lot of money or had the best vacation on the islands ever.

We thank the beautiful, the pleasurable and the tangible. We thank the things we feel enrich our lives, make us better human beings and bring us peace thereby bringing peace on earth.

This is beautiful. A lovely practice really. To acknowledge what you do receive as a gift from creator, your partner or best friend. It is thoughtful and mindful to bow down to the beautiful, wonderful, magical things that happen to you. Bravo! You are grateful, compassionate and not an entitled jerk! You understand that thank you's you give freely have an impact on global wellness. 

Being thankful in a greedy world is a loving gesture. It brings on more beauty, more love and more to celebrate in this world.

Yet...what about the things that don't feel good? The breakup with your lover of all lovers, the car that got stolen, the job you lost, the illness that came up in your last exam? What about the things that terrify you, shake you to your core when your last guest left your dinner party? What about the way your body breaks down in the same way years later in the same exact place? What about all that makes you uncomfortable, the anxiety and distress over life?

Culture has taught us how to be grateful for all that is positive and if we keep our gratitude journal giving thanks to wonderful things, we will attract more and more wonderful things to be pleased, happy and ecstatic for. Because there is nothing better that to be pleased, happy and ecstatic, so the people say.

What we are missing is the greatness in all that is shadowy, dark and uncomfortable. We are missing the opportunity to say thank you to the things we don't expect, don't want and have been avoiding for a lifetime. There is a richness in those not so shiny, polished to perfection things, people, experiences which show up in our lives and it is time to learn how to bow down in deep reverence for them. This is how we heal and grow and find our authentic selves.

It is just as holy to bow down to the painful/dark gifts we receive as it is to bow down to the blissful/magical gifts we receive.

We are here to heal in this lifetime. We will get the lessons over and over again until we learn, transmute and grow from those lessons. It could be a birth script, an ancestral wound or maybe even relationship patterns. Perhaps your alcoholism, broken marriage or disease were just messengers for something you've been avoiding all of your life.


Acknowledging and bowing down in gratitude for the uncomfortable and downright terrifying things which happen to you is an act of tremendous courage. It is a sacred move and one that will crack you wide open, should you surrender.


Our bodies will break down when we are not paying attention. They will erupt in disease, illness and disharmony as a way to say...STOP! Pay attention. Take a look. Go within. Go within. The illness is never the issue. The underlying core wound is the soil from which the disease grows. Band aid the symptom and it will come back again and again. Dive deep within the emotional/energetic blueprint of the wound and you will find the healing you have been looking for.


If you take a look at your life and observe all of the ways your body and experiences have been repeating over time, you have the clues as to why you have yet to heal. Acknowledging these dark spots in your life and beginning the unraveling of the truth they bring is the starting point. Humbling down to give THANKS for that which felt painful, is the growth you need to evolve.


What a wonderful way to accept all that which happens to us, not just the positive. We have the choice to bring light to all that may appear dark but it is within those shady corridors where tremendous evolution occurs. We get to find peace with these episodes instead of doing everything in our power to avoid them. Facing all of life in it's glory and destruction frees us from running away from the shadows which teach us.


Thank you.

For all of it...

In love,



Christy FunkComment