How to Work with Crystals

Everything is energy. Everything. The rock, the light, the painting, the flower. All of it. Crystals come from the many layers of the earth, each with it's own frequency.  Our bodies are actually similar to quartz crystal on a cellular level so how and why we resonate with the energy of a crystal makes sense. The stones are like messengers to move energy and align it for our highest good.

When I was about 5 years old, living in a townhouse in Minnesota, my favorite place to be was out back where we had an open space full of rocks. I would spend my free time roaming through the piles of pebbles to find the more colorful agates. I was drawn to healing stones before I even knew what they were. It just felt very natural for me to connect to the earth in this way.

Since then my passion and love of crystals and gemstones has only grown with each passing year. I always collect jewelry and stones when I travel and within the last 25 years, have acquired a collection of crystals for healing emotional, spiritual and physical ailments.  Whether it is a tiny stone or a big piece, some which cost less than a dollar and others much pricier, I have found which ones work for what issue and can create an elixir, grid, or healing pouch in minutes. I have had some of my most coveted stones with me for decades and some which were lost along the way. One thing I know for sure is that they work in strange and mysterious ways and sometimes within a matter of minutes.

I want to teach you how to use your crystals. Crystals work because they are a frequency match with the earth. It makes perfectly good sense to me why more and more people are open to using crystals: humans have long had a desire to reconnect with Mother Earth and the stones are  a lovely invitation to ignite that connection. You don't need a lot to get started and in fact you can begin with just a handful of basics:

Clear Quartz: Crown/Helps connect to higher consciousness, spirit

Amethyst: Third Eye/Helps you tap into your psychic abilities

Turquoise: Throat/Helps with self-expression

Rose Quartz: Heart/Heart healing and ability to give/receive love

Citrine: Solar Plexus/The abundance stone and activating projects into motion

Carnelian: Sacral/Creative and sexual alignment

Hematite: Root/Grounding and protection, rooting into the earth

This is an excellent group of stones to help with each of your chakras and will cover a myriad of emotional/physical things as they come up for you. As you get familiar with these stones and get comfortable using them you can move on to add in new stones, using your intuition to guide you to what you need most.


The key to working with crystals is not how pure, expensive or pristine they are but how YOU, the user, will show up with an intention to trust and surrender to the mystical work of the stone. I believe it is the honest communication you have with your crystals which jump starts the way a stone will work with you in a proactive way. Yes the crystals will give off a vibration and even match your own vibration to help you move your energy, if it is near you. However, the level of how quickly and deeply you want to go with your stone is dependent on you being an active participant in the relationship between you and your stones. When you can connect with them clearly and honestly from your heart, you will see results much faster. You will also find, throughout time, how there are a few tried and true stones you can always go to no matter what. For me it is a dark purple amethyst crystal I have had for years and no matter how many times I have lost it, it always finds it's way back to me. I have other amethyst stones, but none of them work the way this one does.


When you get your crystal for the first time you will want to clear it. Because crystals are like sponges, they do absorb the energy around it. This is why it is important to clear when you first purchase, clear if someone touches your stone and clear when your stone is around others. Even clearing after working with you is also important. I like to use the sun to clear my stones and will pick a sunny day so the stones get a full dose of that positive light energy. You can also use sage or a Selenite wand to clear.


Once cleared, just hold your stone to your heart and begin the conversation. Let your stone know your deepest intention in that moment and ask to be guided in the clearest way possible. opening yourself up to all possibilities to get there. Allow yourself to be open and flexible, giving the stone an opportunity to know you and you to listen to their guidance. The crystal is a guide for you to move inwards and a reminder of what you are working on. What is required is your ability to do your inner work while using the stones. If you just plan on putting it all on your stone, it is my belief, that you only get partial healing if at all. 


I have been blessed to understand my stones, what resonates with me and have loved the lifelong journey to healing with my stones. Some of them have given me great comfort and even confidence, in the darkest of hours. They have shown me parts of myself that needed to heal and have amplified gifts and abilities I didn't realize I had.


All of the work I have done from within, using crystals, is also the work I do when I create my jewelry. I make sure to work with clear, loving light energy that is playful and joyful so that each client can sense the vibration when they get one of my pieces.

I hope your own crystal healing path brings you as much...xo

In love,





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