On the path

For those women who are on the path...

As you come in to deep awareness, untangle your story and invite self love in you begin to recalibrate your entire being. Slowly, then quickly, then stalled, then explosively. Each step into the higher realm of your ultimate becoming, welcomes frequency changes which adjusts to the fresher, more vibrant self.

Each layer you shed shines light on your truth and your feminine velocity. The nourishing of this awakened feminine divine radiates, without exaggeration, across the planet. The love you curated while breaking down stone walls, gifts you the presence of alluring beauty from the core.

As your light expands it triggers the wounds and darkness of those not on this chosen path. It ignites and infuriates them. It makes them very uncomfortable. It forces them to face the questions of why. Why can't they have what she has? Why is it so "easy" for her?

This is when their own unlocked unconsciousness comes in for the kill. Sarcasm, unkindness, anger, resentment, mean spirited moves and so on. The fear of not knowing their own truth is too much. So they contract and react.

Don't be fooled into thinking it will be extremely obvious. No. It will seethe in like a snake. They make choices that subconsciously will hurt you. They passively aggressively point out your faults not your assets. They fight to make a point just to show you how "wrong" you are. They pull up sacred pasts to leverage their power and so they can keep you small. They do everything and anything to mind fuck you and make you question yourself.

This is where you simply stand in your power, the crown sitting just right and not toppling over. You, in your acute awareness, can sense their pain and the fear that drives it. You know the whys and see where they are on their own path. What you don't do is react. Perhaps state your truth and then let it go.

It's important to know who to invest in and who to not as you do this purposeful work. As you regenerate and transform there will be those you slowly lose intimacy with or eventually disconnect from entirely. Your newly harnessed power can not be leaked on those with their fists up ready to knock you down. You've created a masterpiece. Don't let the villains try and rob you of your art.

Always come back to center. To connect with your core. Process the experience and then realize the work you have done. Recalibrate , clear the energy and take time for self loving kindness. Some will come back with awakened curiosity. Others will not. As your love expands to awaken others, you must be prepared for the tumbled rocks thrown your way. Don't feed the fire of destruction. Only the fire that launches your divinity into the world.

When the purpose of your life is shown you only have one obligation.

To do it.

In love,
Christy Funk

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