Easing Into Green Beauty: 10 years later

I originally published this piece 10 years ago in a my Eco-Beauty Bar Newsletter I gave to my clients at Belly Sprout, which was my Eco-Baby Mama store I ran for nearly 9 years in Southern California.

I’ve made a few shifts, but the article is still relevant 10 years later. I hope this helps you on your journey to cleaner, safer beauty!

It can be absolutely overwhelming when deciding to go green in any aspect of your life, even more so with personal care and cosmetics. The FDA does not protect us when it comes to products on the marketplace, leaving plenty of room for misleading information. The last time the personal products were regulated in the US was 1938! In 2009 the EU banned over 1,100 ingredients from cosmetics, the US only banned 10. Fast forward to 2019: The EU has banned 1,328 ingredients and the US 11. So…only ONE more ingredient in 10 years? The regulations are very loose and ultimately protect big corporate companies. For example, slapping a label that says “natural” can be very misleading to the average consumer, without strict regulations. Water may be in the product and that constitutes it as natural.

So where to start?

Some clients decide to take the plunge, and dump all of their old personal/beauty care products while others need to be more budget friendly. I have outlined a simple strategy to start with the products which are most concerning for your beauty wellness.

  1. Start with your skincare. If your skin is healthy and in good condition, the makeup you put on with look that much better. With well-cared for skin, your makeup will just enhance your radiance. Starting with a good cleanser that is gentle on the skin and does not strip it of essential oils. Your eye cream does make a difference in plumping up the fine lines while gently hydrating the under eye with ingredients to keep the dark circles at bay. Plus this product is close to your eye and you don’t want heavy chemical ingredients going into your tear duct. Since your moisturizer/serum/facial oil covers your whole face and stays on, I would recommend investing in this product first.

    Recommended: Beautycounter has 2 cleansers I love: Countermatch Pure Calm Cleansing Milk and Nourishing Cream Exfoliator. Another brand I like for the cost and performance is Andalou. They have several lines for specific skin types.

  2. Foundation. I highly recommend investing in either a full coverage foundation or a tinted moisturizer. In the 10 years since I had my store, foundations have proven the hardest to find in the cleaner beauty aisles. First and foremost the colors tend to be off. Secondly, the formulas don’t preform the way I want them too. Since foundation/tinted moisturizers sit on your face, it is important to go the safer route with this product. I used to like Lavera foundation but the colors were just wrong! Then Couleur Caramel, but they are hard to find as the company is from France. I also enjoyed 100% Pure Foundations but having found Beautycounter’s TintSkin, I won’t turn back. The color range is good and the finish is just what I need: adjustable to go from sheer ti full coverage using the retractable brush Beautycounter sells. The price point is fair to me as many other safer brands can be quite pricey. For consideration are Juice Beauty, W3LL People and Au Naturale.

  3. Replace your mascara! Tar is a common ingredient in most mascaras. Your tear ducts will absorb any of these heavy metals into the eye which goes directly into your blood stream. the tough part is finding a safer mascara that stays on and doesn’t end up under your eyes, while plumping and lengthening your eyelashes. I carried 100 % Pure mascara in my store and 10 years later, am still a fan. Beautycounter’s mascara works for some of my clients, but not all. The main problem I have with the mascara’s is how quickly they dry out in the tube. I will still use 100 % Pure mascara and am in search of other safer brands to try. Lavera makes some great mascaras and at the drug store, Physicians Formula makes an Eco-Cert Certified mascara which costs less than $10. On my list to try is Lily Lolo and Ilia.

  4. Swap out those lippies. Lead is still in many name brand lipsticks. Considering that we lick our lips, we should know what we are essentially eating. In the lip department, the safer beauty brands have done a wonderful job. When I had my store, Couleur Caramel was the leader as their pigments were rich and beautiful. We did well with 100 %Pure, but the color range was limited at the time. My all time favorites across the board are the Sheer Lipstick and Color Intense from Beautycounter. The color range is beautiful and for all skin tones. The formulas are gorgeous: the Sheer Lipstick go on like a balm but actually have a significant amount of pigment to last on the lips. Color Intense goes on rich and fully pigmented, meaning they last on the lips.

This is just the start. In upcoming blogs I will go over the next steps to greening your beauty routine, go over ingredients and sharing insights on both skincare and makeup as we age. Please let me know if you have any questions or insight in the comments!

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