My Adrenal Health Journey

I remember the day as if it were yesterday.

I was cleaning the house after a 6 week trip to Spain. My kids were with their dad and I was bustling around the living room, determined to get things done. But something was happening. I was getting winded. Wiped out, I laid on the couch and felt the odd rhythm of my heart as it pitter-pattered a little too fast for my own comfort.

My parents showed up for some reason and were alarmed to see me so…tired. It was from this moment on, that my year would change dramatically health wise.

For nearly 6 months of very attentive care, I was addressing not only a crashed adrenal system, but a completely disrupted endocrine, hormonal, gut and nervous system. My blood sugar levels were all over the place and I had to be eating, sipping and nourishing myself every hour. It was as if my body was sucked dry of any nutrients. I was so weak that even getting dressed in the morning was a chore. My anxiety revved up and many a morning I would be on the phone with a girlfriend to help soothe me until she could come over. I had my baby boys who needed care, had a non-supportive husband and a store to run. The anxiety, heart palpitations were interfering with everything. I couldn’t function.

The boys and I had to leave our apartment to go stay with my parents for nearly a month and a half. Their father thought it was all in my head and refused to support me as I healed. This, of course, brought on a whole new level of stress to my already wiped out system. As I type this, I am tearing up and just so pissed that I had to go through that sans partner. But that was IT. I had been sans partner for years by this point.

I was shuffled from Western Medical Doctors to Holistic Practitioners. My tests were coming out, for the most part, ok. I was losing weight rapidly and my natropath doctor said I needed rest and treatment to get my body back in balance again. Bone broth saved me as did eating in the middle of the night when my blood sugar levels dropped. I had to get daily acupuncture to help my nervous system and to balance my completely out of balance body/mind/spirit. I struggled with brain fog, anxiety, depression, lack of energy throughout most of the day, anxiety, stomach aches, rashes, hair loss and was easily winded. I had to run my energy. Daily. Pull back my personal power and learn to love myself for the first time in my life. At 41. I had to take time, lots of time to rest and nourish my delicate body. I had to be honest at my life and where I was.

I also had to come to terms that I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. I had to be honest and take a look at how I was just…”putting up with it”. I had to address the fact that I was hustling my store business, caring for the kids and keeping up the home. I was not being nourished with love, connection or anything remotely like communication. My friends loved to remind that I was a single mom long before I became a single mom. I was on my own and the emotional, physical burden had taken it’s toll.

I read something quite interesting about the adrenals and what they are doing at an emotional level:

“They shut down for a reason. Something in our life is wrong for us now. We (the adrenals) don’t want to provide energy for that. We don’t want to get you up in the morning for THAT.” - Sherry Rothwell

Beautiful. Truly. Our bodies are so wise and loving to us if we would only pay attention to the warning signals. If we would only understand how our bodies are vessels for these bright and beautiful hearts, souls and spirits. If we only knew the connection between the WHOLE of us, we could avoid the suffering of many illnesses of the body and the mind.

It took a year before I was a 100%. I had to take charge of my well-being and made radical choices to put me first in a relationship that was self-centered on his needs. I had to put the oxygen mask on me first and teach the boys why mommy needed to eat before them and take time to lay down.

It was a radical year of reclaiming me. It was a fierce determination to navigate the ropes of self-love and deep nourishment. I did this alone, without their father and managed to come back in a stronger and more viable way. It was not too much longer after this that I decided I was done with the marriage. The cost of staying was too high a price to pay and my kids needed to learn what love was.

In that year I learned how to tune in to the subtle frequencies of my body. To listen to the purring of those electrical currencies so I could stop my adrenals from crashing before they could. I fed myself in new ways and took time for light pleasures and passions I gave up to hustle my life. All of this would pave the way for me as I navigated the road ahead as a single mom starting over and over and over…again.

Our adrenals are here to give us messages. The Chinese say it is a Yin (Kidney) deficiency. It is the slowing down that is needed to heal. In that slow time we are given the outline of what matters most in our lives when our bodies crumble. All of this so wisely wired and working in our favor if we can only just take the time to soak it in.

I am very passionate about teaching how our adrenals work and how to heal them.

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