Soul Self-Care

Deep breath in…then slowly let it go.

Do you feel your body, the bones, the muscles, the blood circulating?

Can you feel how the breath lubricates your throat? Gives way for a voice to come through, ever so softly.

Hold your hand. Yes your hand. Cradle it gently with the other hand. Just sit there for a moment. Take that next breath. Close your eyes. Slow down. Just slow. Down.

Now I want to ask you something. I will whisper it so you don’t get startled. I don’t want to move you from that place of stillness. You don’t have to answer me. Just listen. With your heart. Your soul.

Are your needs being met?

Yes. This. Are YOUR needs being met?

And even more importantly: do you KNOW what your needs are? The most primal of needs around your body, wellness and being here as a human? Nutrition, movement, rest, pleasure. Because those are primal. Those are things we need to move from day to day. Then move one step deeper. How does your soul feel? Where is your heart? How does your spirit look? Where is your mind, that mind, where is it.

Are YOU at the bottom of THE list? The list that has everything else on it but YOU.

Can you answer any of this? To yourself. What happens in your body? Do you tighten up, get rattled, want to move away from the truth of what you will find? Are you concerned that maybe, just maybe, you need some deep and nourishing self care? That perhaps you are ready to be lead and gently guided back to your inner knowing that self-care is not a to do thing when the world crumbles at your aching feet? That you long for that deep embrace from your own aching and weary arms? That your tender bones need to slip to the earth and rest with all that you are for more than a minute. Please. Just give me time to restore. I so dearly want to restore, you say softly to the skies.

And so there you are.

Exhausted. Burned out. Overwhelmed. Exceptionally stressed. Emotionally turbulent. Foggy, so foggy. Frustrated. Can’t seem to sit still or stand true ground. Sick, chronically so. In those messy, sloppy, un-serving relationships to people, work, communities. Sadness. Somewhere the sadness that this can’t possibly be your life. A tinge or spoonfuls of anger because how did you get here, in this moment, at a place with yourself you did not anticipate.

A place you do not recognize as your own?

And so here I am.

Right here with you. Ready to bring you back to you, your full self, back in balance and filled with the bright light that is your earthly right. To be IN LOVE and IN CARE of you. Body and mind and soul and heart. HER.

I was there. In all of those shoes of exhausted, depleted, beyond repair. One too many times. A system that crashed and took my endocrine system with it, my dear gut and bones. 10 years ago. I was beat. I had to discover that I did not have Self Love and that I was IN an emotionally abusive relationship. The shock put my head and heart straight. I would heal this. These things that broke me. That was 10 years ago. All along the last SEVEN years after I left their dad, I’ve been dancing with Self-Care and each time I was shown…that I needed to go deeper. You can read the more intimate story of my Self Love/Care Journey in this blog. You get the picture though. I’ve LIVED because of my self care practices and healed with IT. My practice is a daily habit, a non-negotiable and something that is a part of who I am to the core.

I am never without self-care. I am never without self-love. And if those never’s sometime get compromised, I know where to go. My body. My soul. My heart. My mind. I know exactly where to go.

Because I know what it is like to BE all of those things you checked off the list.

I know how it wrecked my health, cracked my nervous system, sucked all of my energy and had me in too many times of anxiety and hopelessness. I get it. I do dear one. I do.

I created this course 3 years ago. But then somethings happened and back to the drawing board I went to discover how much deeper my soul and heart needed care. My body needed tending to but differently. This was a gift. I can now add a new dimension to this work. I can add in the layers that make this story feel seamless and eternal. Because of the work I DID and DO with me, you, dear ones, are being invited to get into all of the poetic parts of you to bring you back. Home. To your SOUL. To get righteous with yourself.

We know that this work is for EVERY woman. Working woman, Mom, CEO, Entrepreneur. Artist. Married. Single. All walks of life, race, traumatized and socioeconomic’s. Because every woman needs this slowing down and GOING IN work. Because every woman needs to be met where she is at and loved back to HER.

This is your invitation. I’ve created something with meaning and soul purpose. Something with depth and lightness, with substance and more light. This course is something you will be dreaming about after you are done. It is something that will show up in your every day basic life and your epic big times of rising and falling. It will serve all of those facets of the crystal life you are resurrecting.

It is ALL in you.

I just guide you back to IT.

Here are the perks, the bones and the grit of what you will get once through the course.

Take a seat. You will want to sink your teeth into every single way this work can benefit your HOLY being.

AWARENESS: a brilliant clear understanding of your path up until this point. and why you are where you are. The pain and glory of it. The trauma and fails of it. The wiring and physiology, the family origins and all the ways all of that made you who you became to be. Awareness to SEE your entire story. We need this awareness to SEE what happens next…

LAYERS UNFOLDING: We bring back your worth, your womanly gold, your voice, your spirit, your genius. I give you permission and then you OWN your permission. You start to…feel stronger. More IN your body, more LIT in faithful intuition, MORE life, MORE YOU. You heal and shed and bring in NEW things. New habits. New ways. To care, care, care for yourself for life. We do this. All of this with play and dance and words and stories that remind us: we are HOME.

CAPACITY: to love YOU again, to CARE for others better, to PRESERVE your energy, to say NO and YES which aligns with your truth, that gut truth. The energy to BE in your body, to produce good work, to be better balanced and focused and joyful. You, this WOMAN, get to thrive. You build the capacity to ACCEPT this and not be ashamed of the pleasure, the abundance and the glory of having your NEEDS met.

SOVEREIGNTY: Bold and graceful, you have painted the version of you where you have choice. Intelligent choice. To pick how you do your wellness according to your UNIQUE blue print. Beautiful YOU! In this power, this unshakable empowerment, you navigate healthy, robust and loving relationships where there is no longer pending obligations and you should’s to…love, humor and connection. YOU belong to YOU and your highest, whoever that is. You become your true YOU.

How can SELF CARE do this?

Because when we say yes to self-care, we say yes to self discovery and to self love. When we CHOOSE this, we CARE, deeply care about our physical and energetic bodies. This is integration. This WHOLE. I lead you to pull your power back and give you the many ways you can care for yourself emotionally, nutritionally, holistically, soulfully. With heart and whole truth. Gently. Lovingly.

This is how the course works:

*This 5 week course will be held in a private FB group.

*Each week you will get a pdf packet delivered to your inbox with the week course content and exercises.

*Each week in the group, I will post resources that enhance the work we are doing. On Wednesdays I will do a FB LIVE within the group to soft coach the community and go through the course work.

*You will have access to the group page for up to three months after the course finishes. This gives everyone a chance to catch up or review material. It is ideal to pop on the group page once a week, but it is not required. All of the material in the PDF’s is rich in content and written to guide you step by step.

*NOTE: I am trauma informed and sensitive. There will be notations for those of you who have suffered from trauma, so that the work is done gently and at your pace.

This is a PILOT program, meaning that it is my first run of this course. I am offering it at a deep discount so I can get feedback. It is only $55, instead of $197 so this is an excellent time to invest in your total well-being for life.

Please submit payment here:

Include you email address and your FB link so I can add you into the group once payment is received!

Thank you for trusting me with your journey…

I will serve you with love and grace,


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