Love Your Adrenals Whole

I remember the day as if it were yesterday.

I was cleaning the house after a 6 week trip to Spain. My kids were with their dad and I was bustling around the living room, determined to get things done. But something was happening. I was getting winded. Wiped out, I laid on the couch and felt the odd rhythm of my heart as it pitter-pattered a little too fast for my own comfort.

My parents showed up for some reason and were alarmed to see me so…tired. It was from this moment on, that my year would change dramatically health wise.

For nearly 6 months of very attentive care, I was addressing not only a crashed adrenal system, but a completely disrupted endocrine, hormonal, gut and nervous system. My blood sugar levels were all over the place and I had to be eating, sipping and nourishing myself every hour. It was as if my body was sucked dry of any nutrients. I was so weak that even getting dressed in the morning was a chore. The anxiety, heart palpitations were interfering with everything. I couldn’t function.

This is WHY I created a Private FB Course, LOVE YOUR ADRENALS WHOLE.

I KNOW what it feels like to have your adrenals crash. I know the fear and anxiety that come with that.

I also KNOW how to prevent this from happening and what to do when it DOES happen.

It took a year before I was a 100%. I had to take charge of my well-being and made radical choices to put me first in a relationship that was self-centered on his needs. I had to put the oxygen mask on me first and teach the boys why mommy needed to eat before them and take time to lay down.

I read something quite interesting about the adrenals and what they are doing at an emotional level:

“They shut down for a reason. Something in our life is wrong for us now. We (the adrenals) don’t want to provide energy for that. We don’t want to get you up in the morning for THAT.” - Sherry Rothwell

Beautiful. Truly. Our bodies are so wise and loving to us if we would only pay attention to the warning signals.

I was committed to helping women feel better.

We are all exhausted because life’s demands are overwhelming.

The pressure to stay ahead, to make a living, to create businesses and families and love.


I wanted to help women tap into that subtle energy force from within so they felt empowered with their own wellness journey.

Most of all I wanted to go DEEP in the healing of not just our adrenals, but our emotional wellness for there within lays the truth to our physical wellness.

So here it is.

My first ever Private FB Group Course: LOVE YOUR ADRENALS WHOLE!

I hope you will join me and bring your lady friends so we can all get healthy from the core of our being!

Our bodies hold wisdom and messages if only we could learn to pay attention to them!

In this course we will learn how the adrenals work, why they matter and how to address our lifestyle choices to manage stress.

*When our adrenals are under fire, it is a clear cry from the body to slow down and pay attention

*Assessing our lives to see where stress lives, how toxic relationships affect the adrenals and why self-care for life will keep you balanced

*Simple ways to tap into the wisdom of our bodies through breath work, movement, stillness and energy work

*Healthier lifestyle choices including sleep rituals, nourishing foods and supplements for your adrenals and a lifestyle plan which includes healthful foods for life

*Specific mantras, intentions supplements and movements to rise above the exhaustion

In the group we will:

*Connect via ONE FB Live a week to answer questions and go over course material for the week

*Daily posts, links to relevant information, videos and shares on food and lifestyle products

*A safe space to share our own emotional/physical wellness journeys

*Empower one another to feel fully sovereign in our bodies, the choices we make and how we care for ourselves on a deeper level.

  • The course begins October 25th and will run 6 weeks.

  • You do not need to be present for our LIVES and can replay any videos.

  • You can hop on at any time of the day or week to do the work.

  • You will have access to the FB group for 8 weeks to insure you get everything you need

Your modest investment is only $37 payable via PayPal at:

Please include your name, email and FB account. Once I receive payment I will add you to the group. Make sure you “friend” me on FB so I can add you!

It isn’t the stress that harms us. It is HOW we react to stress.

It isn’t about the ADRENALS. It is about the message they send us.

In good health and loving spirit,

Christy Funk

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