Your Healing Jewelry

tal·is·man [ˈtaləsmən, ˈtalizmən]

NOUN: an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

Healing jewelry is flooding the internet and you don't need to search very hard to find a mala, OM encrusted charms or crystal healing jewelry. When I first started designing jewelry nearly 20 years ago people were very resistant to learning about chakras (energy vortexes within the body) and how gemstones could indeed provide healing. They just wanted beautiful jewelry.

Baby girls get their ears pierced as soon as they are born in Ecuador, I one of them. I have had a deep love affair with jewelry but especially jewelry with soul and deep meaning. My research, and even my major in college (Latin American Studies) would have me engulfed in researching indigenous rooted cultures. With ancient and old earth cultures, jewelry is aligned with ceremony. When a child is born, a woman gets married or gives birth, they are given a piece of jewelry for that time in their life. It was a commodity traded for flour and grains as well as powerful heirlooms to remind ones of their ancestral ties such as the many tribes of Native Americans. Jewelry was more than just a game changer for an outfit. It was a talisman of sorts to protect, connect to God, spirits and even heal through the stones. Turquoise, the master healer for Native Americans and the Incas, was used in everything.

To me healing jewelry is a tool to evolve and move beyond the point we are stuck or stagnant. It is tool just as essential oils, sage or tinctures are.  There are many components to true healing jewelry, beyond just the actual crystals or gemstones. The energy of who and how it is made is vital. There is a huge difference of purchasing a healing mala on Amazon as opposed to purchasing it from an artisan whose very integrity is to bring healing to those they serve. Having pieces mass produced rather than hand crafted will also compromise the healing field of a piece. We must also consider the energy of the artisan and the mood they are in when designing.  If the energy is clear with high vibration, it will pass on to the wearer. I personally can't and won't design if I am ill or not "in the mood". It is too personal for me to compromise what my clients will receive.

Marketing may have it that the consumer thinks that just by wearing the piece, healing will occur. This is the fault of the industry and those whose interest is monetary rather than for service. The client must be taught how the energy between themselves and the piece can actually facilitate change. It is integral I communicate with my clients to have them be proactive with the jewelry piece of their choice. This sets intention in motion and communicates to the healing stones the vibration of what they can assist with the wearer. The healing jewelry will not heal your mother wound, bring in abundance or cure you of diabetes unless you are engaged in the process. It is an interactive process.

Just this year I began creating custom order talisman necklaces. I was drawn to the idea of designing a piece for a woman with a story of her own healing journey where each pendant, stone or amulet is a significant piece for her current emotional, physical and spiritual space. I ask questions and opened the floor for the woman to communicate with me what she wants so I can intuitively see where she is and where she needs to go. From there I sit in the energy of her essence and story and begin to gather the medicine for her necklace.

We all have tools to make this evolution more gentle and loving. Whether we are in a gentle transition or a fierce awakening, these tools are like balms for the soul. They comfort and guide us while soothing the path with beauty, soul and personalized remedies. A woman who chooses healing jewelry for her path will stay in communication with her vision, goal and path every time she sees or touches her jewelry piece. It becomes her and the other way too. The jewelry can be a very intimate experience.

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In love,

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