Self-Care for the Holidays

I remember the day clearly. It was Christmas Eve and the first day off I had had in a long time. I was planning to do ALL of my Holiday shopping that early afternoon. I aimed high and drove to the mall. Yet something happened. In a split second before I had to make a right hand turn I chose to drive straight ahead and by pass the mall. The mall was swamped and the traffic was a nightmare.

I went to Trader Joes and bought food for everyone. I mean the whole clan waiting at home for me. I chose to be stress free, choose their favorite edibles and have fun with the unconventional.

Self-Care in motion.

The Holiday Season can be stressful just in how we obligate ourselves to everything! Perfectionism and the Martha Stewart/Pinterest board obsessions can tip us over the edge. We forget to eat, our skin dries out and that low ebbing anxiety creeps in when we finally lay down to rest. Check lists, parking lots, parties, kids events, propaganda and very little room for real self-care to not only sustain you through the Holidays but to make you even joyful of the celebrations before you!

Simple check list here. In the next few weeks we will go a little deeper and richer in our self care practice.

1. Set your intention for the Holiday Season on how you want to FEEL. What is most important to you? How do you want to celebrate the season with those you love? Make a small list of what feels good and let all the rest go.

2. Watch yourself before you OVER obligate. Are you jumping to say yes to the cookie party, bringing the food to an office party or babysitting kids so your friend can shop? Once again, what feels honest and nourishing and what feels draining and depleting. 

3. Take 15 minutes of every day to connect with yourself in silence. Carve a corner in the house where you can sit with a cup of tea, your journal, relaxing music, etc. and just BE. 

4. Remember to eat well, hydrate and move your body. We will discuss this more in next weeks blog!

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Breathe in...

In love,



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