I Trust My Path

I trust my path. Feel the power in that. Feel the force and the liberation when you claim this for yourself. It is really quite epic.

I have spent decades trying to make sense of my life, a path which was not built from convention or comfort. Nor was it a straight line. From relationships, a broken marriage, child rearing, education to changing professions, I was set to discover myself in the many avenues I chose to show up. I played victim, blamed others or situations, avoided the truth and sought to seek out a way to somehow make it better, a shinier more golden path perhaps.

The truth is, as I sit here watching my hands, my body in marvelous motion and the real wealth I have accumulated, I feel the beauty of my path. A year ago I began the process of truly trusting my path. Owning it was different. I could claim it as my own. I got that. 

But trusting it? That was a whole new ballgame.

Trusting meant I had to surrender and be absolutely ok with whatever was coming my way, that which CAME my way from birth to now. Trusting meant I had to acknowledge and give an honorary mention to a higher power who planned my path for my highest good and evolution. Trusting meant I could no longer hold captive and near or dear to me, the many made up why's that I was so broken, poor or not enough. I was able to slip out of that role, though not always willingly, to enter the new role where I could nod gracefully to each tragedy of the soul, each breaking of the heart with deep empathy and understanding. I did not have to know fully what was being taught to me but rather trusting that if I had to go through those dark tunnels, I was being shown always to the light.

Trusting my path gave me sweet relief. I no longer had to tear myself apart in order to find out why or how poorly I chose some lesser than paths. I started to connect the intersecting dots from one partner to another, from one job to the next and from me as one woman becoming a new one with each stumbled step. I zoomed out, above my life, and witnessed the glorious and sloppy ways my life started to make sense to me. Ahh yes, I would smile from the inside...I understand and it is all good. What a marvelously orchestrated life!

And with good love and humor I announced...Well done Creator. Well played out. Bravo!

With that freedom belt I wear ease in my daily practice. It makes me even more mindful of my presence and how those forks in the roads which pop up, can be navigated. Which way will bring me evolution, growth and more love? I can question with silent reverence knowing that whichever way, I trust my path. If the road goes a little dim then perhaps there is a lesson I have yet not mastered. Self mastery through the process of life is never ending but as we get older, just richer and deeper in wisdom.

Start with claiming your life. Continue with trusting your path...

In love,


Christy FunkComment