Let me float...

The bells enveloped my body under the Fall sun

Burning the side of my face, I felt her body circle around me

Breathe in and allow it to leave. Release. Release. Release.

I heard this in and out of sleep, the sun so good to me, my eyes closed

Her voice became the lullaby to my many years passed through me

Remembering each one and none at all

I wanted them to leave. One by one. Exit please. Exit now.

The night before I cursed them all. Each one. Daggers on my tongue.

How dare you. Rob me of me. Rob me of all sweetness and honeyed berries.

The sugar floating in my heart. The eyes wide opened to see wonder.

All of the ways I could've been, could've become, you stole. You ripped right open.

The first one. When I was child. Child with softest of skins and brightest of lights.

Fuck you. I cursed him. Then the next. And the next. And the next.

A blur of terrors. The first one to take me. The one who said forever with babes and all.

The one who reigned supreme in blackened spirits. Splitting the scars wide open again.

I laid on the earth. Felt the trees whisper above me. I felt her brush me with feathers and flora.

I smelled the heavens in her skin. The touch of the mother. The medicine of the wise.

My body started to feel. The lightness of air in breezes against hills.

Open me soft. Nourish with love. 

Soft. Soft. Soft.

The space where all were housed. The space where darkness dwells. 

The space I ran from.

The space I never knew.

I felt the rising of my belly. The massaging of my deepest womb. She was awakening.

I felt the movement of occupied to vacant. The ebb from constriction to expansion.

She, her, I, we were free. The space of blood stained tears, removed.

Renewed. So light. 

And all I called out to the blue skies was this...

Let me float.

Christy Funk



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