Quite Groovy...

I'm a die hard creative. I am a such a stubborn dreamer. My vision has always been the same, except for the periods of amnesia where I thought I needed to jump on the norm train.

The vision in my heart was always to have the freedom to live, laugh and love while creating work that I am passionate about. To weave a life of fullness where people and connections take front seat to business plans and striving. The word striving makes me nauseated.

But how?
What's the ROI on living fully?
How does one plan a life where presence in each miracle of a moment merges with making an earthly living?
How can my "plan" work when there are multiple gifts on the plate?
Can it be done?

I can now say in the most robust of ways: YES. We can take all of our in-the-middle-of-the-night ideas and create a story that ties it all together to share with the world. We can be the masters of many hats and carry the only credentials which matter: life experience, curiosity and creativity. The world is hungry for those of us who go against the grain, who live boldly in imagination and who willingly fail and get back up over and over again.

We excite the inner wild in people. We elicit fierce inspiration and tantalize with our passion-driven lives. We light fires where there was once only dusted embers. We are much needed in the world.

As I am working on my new website I am gleefully seeing my story unfold and wrap into the story of my dreams. I am able to gather the resources of my imagination and creativity to put together the "plan" that will not only sustain my little family but satiate my soul. The one who is helping me build my online dream world sees me and all that I am meant to be. This experience to paint my story into a "plan" soothes me as the caregiver of my children and calms the frazzled nerves of yesteryear.

As the one has said multiple times: Christy just needs to catch up to herself.

No more catching up is needed. With love and mega doses of humor and joy, my story has a magical ROI.

It feels quite groovy...

In love,
Christy Funk

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