The Modern Woman

She has broken free from all societal categories and defines herself. She ebbs and flows with the movement of her emotional tides. She is complete unto herself in mind, body and spirit and is the magnificent catalyst for change worldwide.

She sees her journey in loving clarity and the steps followed her path as such:
Shadow dancing
Unraveling, uncoiling and unleashing
Birth and death and rebirth
Integration and embodiment
Sovereign seeking
Love. Love. Love.

The path of the mystic, the awakening and evolution the modern woman bridges the gap between earthly occupation and deep mystical alignment of the truth. The wrestling with herself, incubated in her aloneness, she discovered every key to her becoming. She demystified the sacred treasures of the soul and debunked the catastrophic lies of societal norms. In her own truth and higher evolutions she sees clearly with her heart and soul and uses her mind for creativity and imagination. She is no longer prisoner of her societal environment. She roams freely on plains where dark truths meet liberation of true love and purpose.

She masters herself. Her physical body becomes a frequency she curates to match her soul and vibration. Her soul is an ever evolving wisdom vessel, ripening her to spirit and grounding her magnetic presence. Her femininity and freshly reclaimed sensuality opens the doors to ecstatic living, pulsating to the world around her. She is wild in her sexuality as a creative uplifting force, not bound by the hyper objectification of a norm to keep women slaves.

Her sovereignty is a threat to all who live in worlds of entrapment. She is to be feared and shamed, ridiculed for her independent choices. She triggers fear and scarcity and she holds ground in her unique knowingness. The ripples across the dirt floors sway her not rather guide her along the path less favored to ascend ever higher.

The modern woman is not her job, vocation or career. She is not her house, her cars or her consumables. She is not her title, her status or credentials. She is not her role, her man or her familiar placement.

The modern woman is love. She is her soul awakened and her spirit enhanced. She is her heart ripe open and her footing regally placed firmly in rich soil. She is expansive and visionary, seeing what others will not. Her eyes are connected guidance from life force, gifted her when her own death re birthed her in the same singular breath.

The modern woman will heal the planet. She will heal the broken and awaken the ready. She will love her man up into his greatest role and together they will shift universal truths. She will stay sovereign and coupled, relational all at once. She will appear irrational and unpredictable but this is the gift of her aliveness awakened when she no longer was willing to see what was thrown at her.

This woman is every woman. This woman lives in all of us.

The Modern Woman takes the most courageous path of all.

Her own.

In love,

Christy FunkComment