This Girl is You

This girl...

Early 20's. Filled with dreams.

Killed it in Highschool. Honor student, VP of her class, fluent in 3 languages.

Packed and ready for New York City where she didn't know a soul. F.I.T. was waiting for her. Fashion Design was her calling.

Excited and hungry for more. Santee was too small for her. Big lights. Big city. Bigger dreams.

This same girl with an abusive boyfriend. The jealous one. The manipulative and punishing one. The one who made her think she was fat and would offer her art supply gifts if she lost 5 pounds from her small frame. The one who raped her. The one who scared her when the rest of the world saw brilliance.

This girl. The one with courage and passion despite him. The one who knew she wanted more. More than his abuse. More than him keeping her down.

This girl. The one who left him. The one who packed her just unpacked things in their cute Hoboken apartment in New Jersey because he was cheating on her. The one who stayed strong when he punched a hole through the door. The one who hid from him in the city, bouncing from friend to friend, safe from him.

Free at last.

This girl. The one who continued to kiss rotten frogs. The one who mustered up courage to leave every toxic one. Every single one of them.

Somehow she knew. She knew she was better than that. Somehow she listened to her soul begging her to ignite her light. The light they tried to steal.

They couldn't do it. She was fire. They were just ashes to be brushed away.

She rose. Each time she rose. She rose and rose and rose. Until she was 40 something.

This girl is some girl. Some girl out there. Young and filled with dreams. Abused when the doors are closed. This girl may have been you This girl may be you. Now.

This girl is a Queen now. The path to her glory whole and full. This girl laying down the red carpet for you.

You, the girl, who wants more.

You, the girl, who can overcome anything.

Absolutely anything...

Many blessings, 


Christy Funk This Girl
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