I Host Love Mala Bracelet

I Host Love Mala Bracelet


♡Love Healing
♡Loving Self-Care
♡Love soothing
♡Love expansion
♡Divine Love

Each stone has a frequency to assist in deep healing of the heart, a space that for so many ails in sadness, grief, longing, despair. I have chosen the stones to work together for:

♡Rose Quartz: to heal all aspects of the heart and dissolve stored emotions for generous self love, compassion and expansion

♡Leopardskin Jasper: for potent self-healing and as a powerful protector from those who do not have your best interest in mind. To bring balance in the chaos, help heal chronic illness and bring in much needed strength and vitality

♡Rhodonite: to master the power of the heart Chakra, to help sooth and rescue you from your lower frequency vibrations, to forgive yourself profoundly and to learn how to treat yourself better

♡Clear Quartz: to amplify the power of ALL said stones and increase the frequency of your vibration

Howlite to help release anger and allow love to flow in!

This bracelet mala has 21 beads for mantra repetition/meditation and measures at 7 1/2" on stretch cord. You will receive a Universal Mantra to use with your Mala to help bring in the healing love you need and raise your love vibration to share with the world♡

It's time to slip back into our heart space!

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