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Empowered Women's Wellness

Everywhere we turn there seems to be information on how to get healthy and fit. What does health mean any more and why is there more confusion in the holistic wellness world?

Join me for an intimate and groundbreaking class into the business of health and how to pull back our power within our own bodies for lasting longevity.

In this 2 hour workshop we will:

*Cover the variety of healing practices and break them down

*Discuss where health comes from and how to keep the body in balance

*The real root cause of disease and how to self-monitor for prevention and wellness

*How our bodies work energetically

*The importance of clean living and healthful diets

This is perfect for anyone who really wants to empower themselves in choices and decisions to be the guardian of their own health and well-being. Whether you suffer from ailments or just want to prevent illness you will walk away with bundles of information.

 $35 Register by emailing me at: PayPal at: Address will be given at time of payment.

Christy Funk is a Lifestyle Coach and Wellness/Eco-Beauty Stylist. After years of suffering from unknown ailments and having worked with a variety of practitioners, she has found harmony in her well-being. Living a holistic lifestyle for 20 years and hands-on experience with self-healing, she has found a missing link in so many wellness practices. She is passionate about empowering women to make grounded and healthful choices in their own well-being.

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