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Beauty Wellness in 3 Steps For Total Radiance! FREE

  • Whole Foods Brea 3301 East Imperial Highway Brea, CA, 92823 United States (map)

1st Step: Emotional Wellness

Our emotional wellness dictates wellness on a cellular level and yes, even our beauty wellness. When we are imbalanced in our lives, be it relational, professional or physically, it puts stress on us at our core level.  A healthy body eventually tires out from stress if it is not addressed. Organs don't function as well, our vitality diminishes and we see the outside effects with our skin, nail and hair. Have you ever noticed when you are not 100% how your skin loses its glow, your nails may start to chip easier or your hair seems dull? We will cover simple ways to come back in to alignment so that your emotional wellness feel harmonious and peaceful.

2nd Step: Nutritional Wellness

You are what you eat. The nutrients you put in your body will nourish your beauty wellness in bountiful ways. Take a moment to think of what your body feels like when you eat junk. Heavy, lethargic, stuck. On the inside you feel like this and it does reflect in lackluster skin, hair and nails on the outside. When you make good choices with your foods you will see radical changes in your skin, how much quicker your hair grows and how healthy your nails become. We will cover some of the most nourishing beauty foods for your radiance!

3rd Step: Self-Expression and Beauty Ritual

With the media and technology spitting out "ideal" images of how women should look, it gets confusing how we want to express ourselves. Getting to know ourselves apart from what society wants and pressures us to become will be one of your most prized investments. How do you want to feel? What feels good to wear? Exploring who you are as a woman and how to find your true expression will be covered.

Radical Self-Care is the blueprint ritual we create for our overall wellness from spirit to heart to beauty. 15 minutes a day is all you need to create a sense of harmony within your soul and how you express your individual beauty in the world. These rituals are carved out times of the day, or week, to infuse you with self-love and the care to bring joy to your life. Being conscious of the choices you make with your beauty products will not only feel safer for you, they will keep you safer. We will discuss safer options and simple ways to add glow to your beauty routine!

Christy Funk is a Lifestyle Coach and Eco-Beauty Stylist. She is a living testimony of what it means to live a holistic and vibrant lifestyle! She has worked in both the wellness and beauty industry as a professional makeup artist for 20 years and 13 as an Eco-Beauty Stylist. For more please follow Christy Funk, Lifestyle Coach, Eco-Beauty Stylist and author on FB, Instagram and here website: 

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