You Are Your Thoughts

You are your thoughts.Stay stuck in anger, resentment, blame, shame, frustration and your mind will take it as a sign to give you more of those feelings. The Universe will knock itself out to make sure you continue to have the experiences to generate more anger, more resentment, more blame, shame and frustration.

How do these emotions feel?

Dark Heavy Stagnant Low Filled with angst

So how do we get to happiness?

By filling ourselves up with Radical Self-Love, self worth and an abundance of love to share with the world.

For now I just want to see you change your thoughts to get to happy with one easy step:


This is the quickest way to feel happy: Focus on the things you're most grateful for. Pick 3 things a day and honor them with wholehearted thankfulness. It can be a feeling, a person, a flower, your bed and so on.

Just stop. Daily. And say thank you.

This sends a sign to your brain that you enjoy these things you're grateful for and it sends you MORE of what feels good and makes your heart expand!

Change your thoughts and your life will shift to accept the new thoughts:)

Many blessings, Christy Funk