Work With Me: Lifestyle Coaching for Clarity & Purpose!

Radical Self Love Lifestyle Coach. Author. Speaker. Lover of Life. Passion Fueled for Women!

In one way or another, I have worked with women. Whether it was retail, as a makeup artist or as a holistic lifestyle teacher, I have been blessed to work within the light of women, tapping in to their deepest passions and desires.

I am a lifestyle coach and I transform the lives of women I work with. My intuitive nature and ability to listen between the cracks has gifted me the skills to simply listen and tune in to the real needs of a woman. It can be a sentence of a long-winded explanation of their lives, yet somehow I can hone in to the very area that they were being held captive in their own lives.

Recently one of my clients exclaimed: "Christy how do you know so much? You always manage to get to the very issue I needed to work on!"

Why now?

Why become a lifestyle coach now?

Because every road led me here. A lifetime of being held a prisoner in my own life forced me to a tremendous breaking down of the self, bull-dozing through my traumas and limiting beliefs so I could heal the core of who I thought I was. By tearing apart myself from the inside out, being excruciating honest with myself and rising up from the ashes a completely new woman I became extremely committed to make this happen for ALL women.

    I am driven to TEACH, SHARE & INSPIRE women to become the highest versions of themselves.

                           I want MORE for women because I know MORE is available for women.

I know how to get that for you. I can listen to you in ways that others cannot. How? I am no longer consumed with me and my needs. I am able to be in the presence of others, honoring their essence because I moved out of my own way.

                                                           Here is where I can be of service to you:

-Discover where you have been stuck and how to move out of that place

-Teach you how to truly love yourself from the core of your being with sustainable outcomes

-Help you create more love and happiness in your life

-Uncover your highest potential and action steps to get their

-Focus on your intimate relationships and how to attract the love your desire

-Become the parent you have longed to be by learning to be present and honor their unique spirits

-Create a daily ritual of Radical Self-Care that nourishes and replenishes you

I can help you create balance and harmony in every area of your life from relationships, health & wellness, to spirit connections, careers and life purpose!

How you do one thing is how you do everything. I help you learn what that one thing is...


              I offer one-on-one coaching in single sessions or in bundle packages via Skype or phone.

My hourly fee is normally $150

                                         For the remainder of 2015 I will be offering these prices:

-One hour session is $90

-Bundle package of 5 coaching sessions (45 minutes each) for $250! Obviously this is your best option and a tremendous savings of $200!

Our conversations will be held within a safe container of unconditional love where I value your honesty and transparency without judgement. I simply listen to not only what you say but how you say it and the energy behind each word. I can sense your energy and feel where you store it in your body. I am not a channel nor do I do any type of channeling work on my clients. I am simply very present and aware on a deep level with those I work with. It is my belief that you are your own healer and filled with divine love to embrace the life you have held in your dreams. I am simply guiding you back to your own truth.


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We will set up a time to either Skype or via Phone.

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