To All The Women Who Ever Been Stood Up

To all the women who have:

-Been stood up with shaved legs and fine silk on her ass

-Dealt with imposters who tongued the right words, only to steal embraces

-Buried their heads in pillows to muffle the cries

-Never been validated, honored or respected

-Watched their man leave, never to come back and fight for her

-Never experienced euphoria laced with ecstasy

-Been judged, shamed or ridiculed

-Had their bodies manipulated without the proper un-wrapping...

-Been emotionally or physically abused

-Never had an orgasm

-Been made to feel less than

-Wanted to give, love and share deeply only to have a cold shoulder meet her lips

-Never experienced an epic lover

-Never been called baby, hermosa, darling, love, lover, babe, gorgeous, beautiful

-Never had a lover finish her sentence

To this I say:

Create your own happiness. Be your own pleasure bomb. Explore your own ecstasy. Transform yourself. Buy your own damned cake. Stay in bed with your bad-ass sexy self eating chocolate for no reason at all. Shave the legs and put on the lace just to go to the market. Embellish yourself with all the glitter and sparkle you have. Value, value yourself enough to say hells no to that imposter. Write your own story, your way. Use your voice, unleash your fire. Fluff up your pillows. Radically Self-Love yourself. Look in the mirror and call yourself darling, baby, gorgeous, foxy. Make epic love to yourself. Don't believe their hype. Invest in yourself. Finish your work so you can SHOW up to the man who is waiting for you. Believe you are enough. Listen to your gut. Learn to walk away.

And...never, ever take it just because you're lonely.