The Value of Anger

we need women...and so angry she finds forgiveness and empathy. Both for the other and herself. Anger has it's value. It shows us where we are imbalanced. It shows us where we gave away our power and played small, quiet and nice. It shows us how we can magically move it from a festering wound to a vehicle for change and liberation. It shows us how to express ourselves authentically.

Your anger is a gift to pay attention. It is not a free card to vomit it on everyone on your "fuck you" list. Not at all.

A feminine woman in balance will navigate her imbalances with loving creativity. She will carry the "fuck you's" in her bag until she is ready to release them with passion and grace. Her inner wisdom, self-actualized and curated, will give her the exact voice and expression for her anger with divine timing and execution. She does not barf. She bellows, she sings, she whispers and she mutters...

Fuck you. Now be gone.

To be freely feminine is the goal. To hone in your gifts and your wild emotions is the brewing of your womanly ways. You can explode without harm. You can stand strong without bitch written across your lips. Anger carries the energy of both masculine and feminine...execute it with drive and strive or liquefy it for flow, motion and transformation.

The beauty in such an "undesirable" emotion is in the release of it. Not the captivity of it. Attempting to squeeze it to death will just result in it seeping into your every cell. Disastrous. Let that fuck baby go:)

In love, Christy Funk