The Nice Girl is Dead

a wise woman said fuck this shit

The "nice" girl is dead! Here's to more fucks in 2016 Fuck you Fuck that WTF? Fuck yeah! Get the fuck away from me That's fucking beautiful I fucking love you I fucking love me I'm fucking amazing Women are fucking brilliant!

... we can do this without rage. Or sometimes with rage. We can say it lovingly...or not. We can whisper this to our beloved or scream it to the skies. We can and we do and we should be who the fuck we want to be. No filters.

Totally fucking authentic.

See ladies, we are ginormous. The beautiful vessel of a body we inhabit is both rough and sinewy. We are a dichotomy of nice girl and wild woman. We struggle to please and forget what pleases us. We are lost in the messages force-fed to us and stay drowning in the untruths because we simply don't know how to...:

Stop Listen to ourselves Trust ourselves enough to explore and discover ourselves

We spread card decks on the floor hoping to find the answers We buy into "movements" to make us feel better and glorious We give gurus and shamans and woo-hoos all of our power We over-honor the oils and tinctures and sage ...without thinking or truly knowing we have the answers

So maybe the journey where you were gathering information, as I have done as well, is over. Maybe the handing over the sword to the newest healer is finito. Done. Thank you very much but I'm fucking over it..kinda thing.

What would happen if there was less strive in your life? Less push to make something happen? To "manifest" all of the shit you thought you were missing?

Maybe, just maybe, you are ready to throw your hands up in the air and say, with that sparkle in your eyes and sly smile on your face:

Fuck this shit. And live happily ever after...

In love, Christy Funk ‪#‎theofficialfuckitmovement‬ ‪#‎womenwhowantmore‬