The Dance...

Let me now share with you...The Dance.

In his most powerful masculine, the dance is lead by the man. He is in full force with his body erect from the spine up to his jawline. The footing is grounded and solid while his chest swells open, extending from torso to the sharp cuts across his upper arms. His entire stance is present and fierce, his attention sharp and vigilant. He keeps his legs strong and the muscles pulled toward his groin. There is not a fiber in his body that is not committed to the dance. He is alert and ever present and the only tenderness are the meaty pads of his firm hands when he holds them out to the woman.

In her most receptive femininity, the dance blossoms by the woman. Her body is limber enough to wrap fleshy thighs around his powerful body. She is sinewy and luminous as she glides across the floor, the beat of the music pulsating her flesh. She is docile, but not in weakness, in wild aliveness. She is tuned in to the man and surrenders to his lead. Her gaze is sensual, her fingers slipping across his arms to hold tightly to his hands. She respects his power and accepts his lead. She does not fight it nor does she try to control or manipulate him. Her strength is in the surrender. Her power is in how she nourishes him by simply opening herself up to the dance.

His role on the dance floor is to protect her. His sharp awareness scans the floor from every corner as he harnesses her in closely to prevent her from harm. He will let her go further out in increments to give her just enough freedom, but not so much so that she will fall prey to harm. He slowly,with attentive care, softens her tender body through quick embraces and hands spreading widely acroos the erogenous lower back. He grazes her neck just enough to awaken her senses, to stimulate the divine feminine, the hungry wildness of his partner. His footing keeps her grounded with just enough twirls to make her feel electric and her womanness alive.

She looks to him for direction. Her feet take on his rhythm and as her body intuitively connects to his pulse, she slips into unison with him. She knows surrender will keep her safe and that his direction to protect her is his main objective. Her trust of where he is leading her allows her to open up and with loving abandon her pelvis unlocks so her legs can saunter like a delicate foe. Her petals open up and light emanates her aura. Her smile motivates his desires as he matches her agility with his power.

Together they share the electrical current that awakens from each of their essences. They unwrap and unleash the masculine to the feminine and with fluidity they dive deeper within the synchronized primal longings of this dance. She never slips,yet knows if she does he will catch her. He never wavers his attention, because he knows if he does she would get lost. Their bodies fire in flames of passionate desire and the longing can only be satiated by the one for the other. They have chosen this dance together and opened up not to expectations of it lasting forever more, but to savor sweetly the nectar of their juices in those moments, however long the dance will carry them...

Now tell me, I ask you...who is courageous enough to take this dance off of the dance floor...

In love, Christy Funk