Stop the Excuses

Women Who Want More! Excuses.

Self-love does not live where excuses lay.

When we riddle our lives with excuses we are not holding ourselves accountable for our own lives. Excuses hold us back.

We let fear, doubt and worry rule our lives. These are major red flags for the lack of Radical Self-Love.

When we Radically Love ourselves we are confident in the choices and decisions we make. If we know something is in our highest interest we say yes. If not we say no.

We don't waste time making excuses. If we f-up we own it. We hold ourselves accountable. If we don't want to do it we don't blame other people or circumstances as to why we "can't" do it.

We learn to say an authentic YES! And an authentic NO!

We don't hide behind an excuse.

Excuses keep us small.

Excuses keep us stuck in victim mode.

Excuses aren't part of living authentically or vibrantly.

Learning to say a confident YES! or NO! comes from learning how to Radically Love Yourself.

Learning to Radically Love Yourself is what we do at Women Who Want More:)

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