How To Take A Compliment

How to take a compliment: Say thank you!
When a man tells you that you are beautiful ladies, own it because you are. In his eyes your beauty shines, so let him gift you his expression of what he sees.
When a man we care for is generous with telling us how amazing and beautiful we are it lights us up! Some men withhold saying it because they think we will get a big ego. Such was the case with my ex. Other men are so generous and it almost pleases them as much as us to say it. There is a man I adore to the moon and back who has always told me how beautiful and amazing I am. One time he even told me I may very well be the most beautiful in the Universe which made me laugh like crazy:)
2 things happen when a man does this to us:
1. We walk taller and way more sexy-ass in life.
2. We want nothing more than to jump on his lap and make out with him and...well you get the point:) It's not that we NEED the validation. We should already know how beautiful we are through our Radical Self-Love work. It's the recognition that someone sees our light and wants to share to give us joy. Allow it. Say thank you. The rest is up to you... Besos!...ChristySee More