How Radical Self-Love Continues to Change My Life!

How Radical Self-Love Continues to Change My Life! Sure Radical Self-Love makes you own it in the world, loving life, yourself and others once you do the work. It also makes you feel fearless, courageous and a whole hell of a lot sassier. You understand your worth on this planet, don’t settle for less anymore and you understand your needs better so you no longer deplete your vital life source from over-giving.

But what happens when the highs are over? What happens when you’ve hit all of the milestones for graduating from Radical Self-Love? How much more fabulous can your life be?

I’m going to let you in on a secret, something most people don’t discuss about Radical Self-Love and its’ awesome-ness once you feel you love yourself enough.

It keeps on giving. And giving. And giving. It doesn’t stop. You get to keep raising the bar and going for it. Radical Self-Love says hell yeah! Do that! Aim higher! Get those dreams and don’t stop once you do!

It shows up in the most random places and at the most un-expected times. It comes in softly or boldly and one thing is for sure.  When it comes, you will absolutely know that it is Radical Self-Love.


Because it looks and feels like this…

-Your manifestations come into fruition, almost verbatim

-Since you created space with Radical Self-Love and you are operating from your own energy source, you now have space to CREATE! Ideas, projects, adventures, art, writing, work…it comes in with a flow and ease you never knew possible!

-You wake up to opportunities which appear from out of nowhere

-Love shows up, destiny it’s only motive

-Situations which would have flat-lined you are now easy to transition through with grace

-The definition of who you are and why you are here continues to be shown to you

-You feel guided, supported by the force of your own sweet self

-Life becomes easier, drama takes a back-seat for good

-You know what makes you happy and you keep doing it no matter what

-You understand that abundance isn’t about accumulating, working to the bone to keep up with the Jones’s. It’s about the FREEDOM to live your life the way YOU want to!

-You love life no matter your circumstances

Join me and a group of amazing people as we jump-start this LOVE TRAIN! Next session starts May 20th.