Committed to my boys

I was working in bed, busting through some fun ideas for my business when I noticed Rumi's little hands on my knees and his sweet feet popping out from under the sheets and I remembered... -Who I am doing all of this for.

-Why I am working with this force in me to make things happen.

-Why I can't afford to be distracted.

And why my commitment to them and myself comes up every single day:

Every choice and decision I make must be in the highest good for me and my boys or it's not happening. Period.

That means who and what and where I put me and my children around. This means saying no to less than loving experiences or anything that doesn't feel right for me.

When I birthed both of these boys I knew my life would change. I knew with every fiber in my body that I was given boys for a reason. They teach me more than I could ever teach them.

Having done the vast majority of my inner work has rewarded me with becoming the mom I have always wanted to be. Fully and richly here for their spirits and to love them as unique individuals without an agenda to mold them into some false expectations society wants of them.

When they speak I hear their souls.

When they move I see their spirits.

When they play I feel their light.

Each and every child on this planet is gifted. It is our loving duty as parents to protect and honor those gifts with soft loving, more presence and ️celebrating who they are, not what we want them to be.

I believe we come to this portal of empowered parenting when we navigate and release our own shit. We can't be clear on who their spirits are if we are dragging our own souls through this life in a fog....

It's not about becoming a perfect parent. That doesn't exist. It's about coming into your own loving truth so they can shine like the gifts they are...

Many blessings, Christy Funk

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