Dodging bullets...


Yesterday I was granted a miracle.

A profound message that left me both weeping and laughing. An affirmation that my entire 47 years have had a very distinct purpose with the fruits of my hard emotional labor about to be revealed in this new life that I have been gifted.

What came to mind, as truth was being revealed, was how I have been dodging bullets all of my life, from that first violation at age of 4.

It progressively got worse with each one becoming darker and darker. Dangerously so. So much so, I was made aware of, that it was a miracle I even survived. The agenda was to leave me for dead.

Yet I walked away unscathed. I walked away not the cynic but the light.

Somehow I knew that I could only take so much.

I dodged the last bullet.

I was told "fear not".

I am now bullet proof.

This necklace is a reminder of both my strength and the protection from God. This vintage bullet casing, with the ray of light from the Crystal, is a testimony to my life journey.

I know far too many women who have dodged bullets and still they rose. I know women who have found that inner strength to go ahead regardless of their circumstances.

This is for each and every one of you!

I applaud you and cheer you on as you gather your light from the ashes and remnants of bullet casings to go after the life you have earned.

Ignite the light.

You are bullet proof:)

Many blessings, Christy Funk #womenwhowantmore #radicalselflove #bulletproof