Beauty from the Inside Out!

erotica profileBeauty according to Wikipedia "Beauty is the quality of being pleasing, especially to look at, or someone or something that gives great pleasure, especially when looking at it."

As visual creatures we are naturally motivated and inspired by beauty. Nature. Art. Paintings. Human beings.

What is it that captures our eyes and captivates our senses?

There is a difference between simple aesthetics and radiant beauty. We know the saying, it comes from within. Yet with the bombardment of social media, selfies and the constant evolution of beauty norms, it's hard to pinpoint true radiance any more. It's as if the force-feeding of what media wants us to look like has dulled our own inner light to come forward.

I believe in Beauty from the Inside Out. Truly. I embody that, navigate my entire beauty regime from that truth. Beauty for me consists of three-pillars:

1.Emotional Health and Wellness

2. Nutrient Density and Vitality

3.Self-Expression, Style and Beauty Care

Our Thoughts Matter

Our light radiates from within. If we are riddled with self-inflicted wounds, traumas of an ugly past  and all of life's circumstances to keep us stuck and un-loved, the outer self will reflect that. Radical Self-Love and the embracing of our true self-worth and ability to give and receive love will move us into a higher frequency and radiance faster than a bottle of the best anti-aging serum. It comes from within and that light fueled by our higher purpose to be more love, more joy and more harmony bursts through our eyes, our smile and our touch.

Our Nutrition Matters

What we put into our beauty temple matters. Nutrient dense foods feeds our cells and nourishes our organs. When we have a body that functions optimally we naturally radiate that out in our physical self. Our skin glows, our hair shines and our nails have a luster to them. When we overload our bodies with junk food, processed foods we halt optimal digestion and overtax our organs. We dull our inner body structure and it shows with unhealthy skin, brittle or thinning hair and dull nails. The sign of nutritional wellness comes in the picture of sparkling eyes, beaming smile and most of all, vitality and energy.

Our Beauty Care Matters

Every day a woman is bombarded with an overabundant amount of chemicals from our environment and even within our homes. Our healthcare system over taxes our bodies with synthetic medicines and our feminine bodies can't take the invasion. We may have little say in what is being dumped in our environment but when it comes to home and personal care choices we have tremendous power. The beauty industry is the least regulated in our country. There are over 80,000 chemicals on the US market without any safety data! As women I find it imperative that we educate what goes on and in our bodies and the rule of thumb should lean towards organic and holistic living. Skincare and makeup is crucial when going natural as standard cosmetics are laden with heavy metals and carcinogenic ingredients disrupting the very foundation of our good health.

When those three pillars of beauty work in harmony with each other, we have what others see and feel as radiance. Truly Beauty from the Inside Out!

My invitation to you is to start by putting these into practice daily:

1 good thought into your mind

1 good thing into your mouth

1 good product onto your skin

Many blessings on your journey,


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