The Landscape of Emotions

Anger. Women. Rage. Expression. Suppression. robin rice

The way women house the landscape of emotions can either catapult her to a place of deep inner power or over exasperate her and those around her in fits of childish rage.

It all comes down to inner harmony, a fluidity of input and output which can promote change and destruction of the root cause. It becomes self-expression that is harnessed and cultivated in a way that moves the poison from her cellular structure in a cleansing and loving way. Creativity can be birthed from anger and rage can move a woman in to action if her fire is fueled towards stewardship for a higher good.

How does a woman curate that inner harmony? How can she process the ever-flowing of spectacular emotions that ebb and flow in rhythm with her feminine nature and not be frightened or shamed by her genuine gifts?

She becomes still with herself. She shuts the noise out and dances those long, slow dances with her soul, her spirit and her heart. She moves deeply into her body and the subtle energy veins that show her who she is.

She goes inward. She does it alone. She unravels.

It is in the evolution of our wisdom that grace settles in and allows us to be the wise feminine. We observe and become hyper aware of our bodies and souls in relation to others. We feel from an intuitive knowing and that intuition, which has commonly been traded for the imbalanced need for approval seeking, becomes our greatest inner compass.

To know that we know takes a lifetime of winded journeys but when we arrive...we shake the foundation for every other woman to join is in solidarity.

Go inward sister. Listen to the knowing you already possess. Dare to unlearn all that you learned. Love your wild emotions like a fevered lover. Make peace with yourself. Then take that peace outwards.

All wet, wild and full of ferocity...

In love, Christy Funk