irreplacable What I've learned... That the only way truth can become relevant is when we curate it ourselves from deep inner work.

When we cultivate our truth and who we are as spirit and force that is when authenticity rings it's loud bells.

There are those who will nudge you to your own individual truth and those who project their own agendas on you for two reasons: to keep you small because they can't handle you at amazing and to control you. Both come from a deep place of insecurity and somewhere in that are threads of shame.

We all start out eccentric and wild and unique. Society and culture shape and morph us into sameness to keep us teeny tiny. It's your birthright to be quirky and weird and all shades of wild. The world is hungry for this and would gladly trade the tribe of Kardashians for your authenticity.

When we remarry ourselves and accept the parts of us we thought others would think are weird, we create harmony in our soul. This will shine brighter than any conventional plans you had for yourself. Go on that road less traveled. Repeat:!the world is hungry for it.

Divorce those who shame you, ridicule you, compare you to their "greatness", treat you like you're a moron or just don't accept the beauty in your weirdness.

Stepping into our path of being different opens more doors than staying quite or following convention.

"Tell me, what is your plan for you one wild and precious life?"-Mary Oliver

In love,