Express Yourself

men angry Saying hasta la vista to the "nice girl" virus...

Anger is simply an emotion. It is a reflection of an imbalance of stored up feelings, of words not spoken, of an inner truth not able to be unleashed. If we hold on to it anger does collateral damage on a cellular level.

So we have to express it. We have to let it out. Somehow. Some way...

Our vocabulary around anger is ok for men but bitchy and unladylike for women.

So how can say our fuck you's while maintaining our femininity? How can we let the pent up rage out without harming others?

The more we speak our truth, the less we get a massive reserve of anger in our souls. The more we stand up for ourselves, say no thanks, leave shitty relationships and walk away from that which does not serve us the more we diffuse what becomes rage and vengeful actions.

The more we know ourselves, have the courage to love ourselves is the more we know how to set firm-ass boundaries.

This allows for frustration to bubble out slowly in a language that feels good to us. Authentic voices from radically self-loved women dissipates the charge of venomous anger.

Women have an ability to use anger as a lesson. For ourselves and for those we love. It shows us where we are off balance and shows others that we have limits. If we build up our anger and blow shit up because "we can't take it anymore" then we lose our power and our ability to come from a grounded place of inner love and value and worth.

Use your anger for good. Release it and be done with it. Just say what you gotta say and let the words fall emoticon

In love,