Pretty Angry

women trained out of anger January emotion of the month: Anger

When I posted the quote the other day about a woman stating"fuck this shit" it triggered such a great response and many, many shares.

I knew I tapped into something in other women as i myself have been pondering for years.

Women need to be inspired to tap into all of the "fuck you's" that take residence in her soul. Each fuck you that stays dormant is just another energy point dying to make us sick.

We were told to be pretty, nice, kind, giving, nurturing, patient, loving, graceful, feminine and so on.

We were told that if we exploded we were emotional, on the rag or just hormonal.

We were hushed if we had a strong voice, something to be expressed.

We were told we were bitches if we were strong, "opinionated" or expressive.

And some women are. Someone are so masculine that they struggle to express their femininity

What if we were given permission to be truly feminine? An embodied woman wise in her intuition with full awareness of herself AND complete in her full range of emotions?

Anger being one of them.

We can be fully feminine and creatively express each FUCK YOU'S not uttered and holding valuable space in our souls.

Throw a fucking dish on the driveway Scream FUCK YOU in the hills behind your house Slam your fucking fist on the table after you sipped whiskey from a straw Write FUCK YOU letters to each and every person who didn't give a fuck about you

Express, express, express Emote you brilliant, gorgeous woman

Take pen to paper Dance hard with the young guy at the cowboy boogie place Run harder on that pavement then you ever had Watch bad-ass women in films who show us how it's done Dive into art with full force and relish in the anger of every woman who was courageous enough to not give a fuck and be REAL.

Then take a deep sigh, dip into your foamy bath, slather your skin with love and smile.

You, my dears, are succulent and wildly feminine.

Bravo! And fuck those who didn't believe we could be...

In love, Christy Funk