Christy Funk

There was a time in my life where hope and dreams were muffled in between the tears and deep sadness I was carrying. It felt like quicksand was the only connection to the earth for me as I struggled in a loveless marriage and facing the ghosts of my past. Although life from the outside appeared rosy and vibrant to those who saw a woman who was leading a community into healthier lifestyle choices, organizing successful events and pioneering a movement for natural living through her store, Belly Sprout, inside I was dying. Over-giving, over-sharing and not being emotionally supported through my marriage I was at a cross roads. Why am I feeling so lifeless? A return family trip from Spain would see me so depleted and sick that I was forced to take a deeper look into myself and my environment to make some radical choices. I was on a road to illness, being bounced around conventional and holistic doctors who couldn't give me a diagnosis
(cancer? diabetes?) and I had to stop everything so I could find a solution.

Self-Love. That was it. In one of my exhaustive fits of complete despair, I was spiritually guided to google two things: Self-Love and Emotionally Abusive Relationships.

I had my answers. I made a decision that it was time to start taking care of myself so that I could be an example for my two young boys at the time. I would heal myself and regain my vitality and radiance so that I could be of better service to myself, my children and those I loved. This self-healing would also be the catalyst to be of better service to the world at large.

Little did I know that self-love and inner work would be my life mission. Not just for me but for women everywhere. I spent the next 6 years fleshing it all out and began my mystical journey of inner work as I moved into awakening. Along the path I split from my ex-husband, became a single mom, lost my sweet store and became all the things and all the woman I ever wanted to become.

Incredulously I self-actualized at lightening speed. Miracles began to pour in out of "nowhere". The doors I had held closed opened with wide embraces. My heart, once so fragile and guarded, was radiating love and light everywhere. The path I thought was both treacherous and purposeful had brought me to my highest purpose.

Home at last, this sovereign woman of substance, was no longer in any way shape or form, the girl of her past. I stepped onto the altar of love and humor and the sweet, loving Universe just nodded to me.

This. This I want for all women. Everywhere.

Join me in believing again. Join me as I nod to you in full honor of your beautiful, succulent radiance...

In love,

The Vision I hold for all women...

I am passionate about women. Women who are at the tip of coming into their own light. Women Who Want More. Way more from life. They want the juice but have forgotten how it tastes. They want the burn in their souls but lost the match along the way. They want the slip of love enveloping their skin but traded it for obligations and everyone else’s opinion of who she should be. They are dying to breathe in the essence of their fire flamed spirit but she became so small along the way that only the embers were left.

These are the women I have been called to guide through my work, my programs and coaching. Women in transition. When life slammed it’s doors on them. When love went astray and broken hearts, broken marriages piled up in her luggage. Women who almost made it but could never quite get there, dreams floating somewhere in the night fog. Or maybe it was just that little something that felt amiss amidst their perfectly polished life that made them uncomfortable. Something like there was more to life. Something bigger and juicier.

“Your aliveness will open up as you become more aware of who you are”

This is where I thrive. This is what I live for. To move that woman from “what else is there” to finding her truth through Radically Loving Herself. Fully. Openly. Succulent.

I have served and honored women for a lifetime. Dreams of designing for women landed me in NYC to study Fashion Design. Over 20 years working as a professional makeup artist, listening women open up to me over eyeliner and blush. Opening up my living room to start my first women’s group with friends to talk about things that mattered. 20 plus years educating myself in holistic living from food and nutrition, to healing options to Eco-Beauty, an expert in the field.

I want better for women. I want women to understand that how they do one thing is how they do everything. When they invest in nourishing the parts of themselves that got rusted or cracked, they open up the invitation to truly love themselves. Radically. And when that happens they transform from the inside out. Radically.

I invite you begin the most intimate relationship of all. Yours with you. You will find love there, incredible compassion and forgiveness, buckets of joy and waves of peace, a deep understanding and connection to your soul. Yet what you will find that will trump every dagger tossed your way is You. Authentically. Expressed. Perfection.

I am thrilled to show you just how fabulous you really are…