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About Christy

Jewelry Designer, Author, Poet, Women's Mentor, Program and Retreat Creator, 
Eco Beauty Stylist, Make Up Artist, JPE Brand Ambassador

Christy has been living, learning and teaching the Holistic experience for over 20 years in Southern California. Passionate about developing the whole self from balanced nutrition, to whole beauty wellness from the inside out, she inspires women to do the same. Her store, Belly Sprout, was a haven for families to lead natural lifestyles from birth to toddlers and even housed the first Eco-Beauty Bar in Southern California.
When she closed the shop and became a single mother of two fantastic boys, she began to see a need for more guidance in the realms of self- love and self-care. Christy wanted to take her work deeper to help women on their path to wholeness through Holistic lifestyle practices and inner personal healing. Her program, Hot & Holistic embodies her vision to help women get to their best selves!


I am passionate about women. Women who are at the tip of coming into their own light. Women who want more from life. They want the juice but have forgotten how it tastes. They want the burn in their souls but lost the match along the way. They want the slip of love enveloping their skin but traded it for obligations and everyone else’s opinion of who she should be. They are craving to breathe in the essence of their fire flamed spirit. These are the women I have been called to guide through my work.

This is where I thrive. This is what I live for. To move women from “what else is there” to finding her truth through re-learning to love ourselves. Fully. Openly. Succulent.

I have served and honored women for a lifetime. Dreams of designing for women landed me in NYC to study Fashion Design and working over 20 years as a professional makeup artist, listening to women open up over eyeliner and blush. Opening up my living room to start my first women’s group with friends to talk about things that mattered. 20 plus years educating myself in holistic living from food and nutrition, to healing options to Eco-Beauty, I am an expert in these fields.

I want better for women. I want women to understand that how they do one thing is how they do everything. When they invest in nourishing the parts of themselves that got rusted or cracked, they open up the invitation to truly love themselves and when that happens they transform from the inside out.

I invite you begin the most intimate relationship of all. Yours with you. You will find love there, incredible compassion and forgiveness, buckets of joy and waves of peace, a deep understanding and connection to your soul. Yet what you will find that will trump every dagger tossed your way is You. Authentically. Expressed. Perfection.

I am thrilled to re-introduce you to just how fabulous you really are…

Much love,

Jewelry Design

My ears were pierced before I ever left the hospital as a newborn baby in Quito, Ecuador. I still have the baby gold dangles with turquoise drops. It is tradition in Ecuador to pierce baby girls early in life.

From that point on, my love affair with jewelry was instilled. My family jeweled my little wrists and neck with gold, rubies, pearls and other precious stones. To this day I can’t imagine NOT wearing a piece of jewelry. It brings me both comfort and beauty.

Whenever I traveled overseas, I would always go straight to the open air markets, check out the styles of each country and zero in on what I would most like to add to my already eclectic collection. There was nothing more delightful than chosing a piece of jewelry that would remind me of my travels. The bonus was that jewelry is a lot less bulky than shoes or home wares. It was a win/win and each treasured piece has a story. Which brings me to this…

I create jewelry with soul. There is a depth in both process of creation and setting of intention before, during and after I create a piece. I imagine the woman wearing it, how the energy can work with her in her favor and how I can keep a clear space in myself as I lay out the color palette, the stones and the findings. I prefer things to not be so perfect and use surprise little stones, perhaps a trading bead from Africa or a vintage 1940’s crystal from Germany, which could take a simple design and give it a story. To me jewelry has a myriad of purposes: to facilitate healing, to embody one’s story, to empower and reveal as well as to remind a woman of where she was in some point in her life. The soul of the piece merges with the soul of the wearer and it moves beyond decoration, but rather an extension of her existence.

Pieces to be treasured, collected and layered in any way a woman wants to express herself. She chooses the stones which best suit where she is with her inner world and wears them just long enough to feel her breakthroughs. Then she, in full intuition, swaps out a piece to carry her in a new direction. It becomes a dance and a relationship she has with her own personal totem pieces. Every piece a symbol of who she is. Every piece a narrative of who she is becoming. To me this is a love affair that transitions over time. Our pieces, tried and true, will always show up just when we need them.

Join me and countless women who trusted me on this sacred, intimate path to heal through beauty, yours and the jewelry you chose, to create little and epic miracles in your life. I am blessed to honor you in this way…


In love,